ideas on some non-alcoholic drinks?

I’m probably hosting a party this weekend with a friend of mine. Looking for ideas on some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks… any and all suggestions would be great.

Amounts of the ingredients would also be very appreciated.

Answer #1

mango lassi is really good. You could do mojitos with or without alcohol. Sangria is good. Oooh harvey wallbangers (vodka, orange juice and vanilla galliano) are really nice. Usually. Sorry, dont have recipes on me (currently moving!) but you should be able to find some online.

Answer #2

bathtub gin… its pretty easy to make

flavours like mint or licorice add to your bath/sink etc

add some clear alcohol moonshine is what gin makers use I think

mix together and leave until you like the taste… hours/days/months

dont drink in neat though :p

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