What kind of alcohol do you drink when you go out?

What is your drink of choice? and why do you like it?

Answer #1

German beer. Because it’s best. :-)

Answer #2

wkd, breezers, vodka and coke :P

Answer #3

beer or cider :D yeah that’s it, specially Magners apple cider :)

Answer #4

Whiskey (Jameson is my favorite) or breezers

Answer #5

Vodka, because I like the taste and it works fast. I also like Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Answer #6

Heck yeah it is! Or at least my dad says it is :P

Answer #7

I like Jager bombs fort shots and smirnoff green apple for a sipper lol

Answer #8

I like Smirnoff double blacks. They have a subtle taste, not to strong, and they taste a bit lemony, I like lemon c: I also like vodka and monster energy drink, it just has a good taste, and the two mix well together.

Answer #9

If you like lagers Czech beer is the best. If you like Ales there are none finer than those of the UK.

Answer #10

Most of the time when I go out to a pub or bar I tip over a beer or two. I like a beer with my subs, a Chianti with my pastas with tomato sauce, and pizza can go either way. With TexMex I’ll have either beer or lime margaritas. When I’m drinking more than a couple drinks I have Gin and Tonic. Gin and Vodka are the two liquors least likely to give you a hangover.

Answer #11

Vodka and cranberry, royal crown. for a fruity drink, best one ever is a Ruby Relaxer!!!! Around the house Mikes hard drinks. Mixing coconut rum or peach snapps with pinapple juice, cranberry juice…making different mixtures

Answer #12

smirnoff citric vodka!!! :D

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