What alcoholic drink tastes the best?

so I used to think drinking and partying was a bad thing until I finally did it this weekend! it is so much fun. The people are really friendly, well because they were drunk..I didnt drink too much just the right amount I wasnt going crazy or anything. What do you think is the best tasteing drink? what drink gets you the most wasted? and which drink doesnt? I wasnt to crazy about beer but maybe a lighter beer would be better.

Answer #1

i would say dat mandori sour is the weakest that ive drank then the strongest is adios mutha fucker that drink has 9 liqours in it i only need to drink 2 to be faded so drink those with caution …miss v

Answer #2

A Graveyard.. Vodka, Rum, Gin, Blue Curucao, Black Raspberry, sour mix, and cranberry juice. It tastes like coolaid and it will get you hammered before you even realize it.

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