What is your favorite kind of hot tea?

Answer #1

I like plain black tea and orange flavored

Answer #2

that sounds good :)

Answer #3

Chateau Blanc. White tea. Teavana.

Answer #4

Green tea or Jasmine tea.

Answer #5

I love mint tea with teavana rock sugar, but my family likes green tea. I’ll drink any kind of tea though!

Answer #6

the rock sugar is ADDICTING. O_O

Answer #7

right?! I eat it by itself sometimes because its the most amazing creation in the world!

Answer #8

Nothing fancy, I like Lipton ;)

Answer #9

you should try Red Rose black tea, my two grandmothers (adoptive and biological) always fight about which is better but I think red rose is better and cheaper too.

Answer #10

Lipton Chai Tea or Earl Gray Tea

Answer #11

I love starbucks Chai tea lattes! Have it all the time. It’s like a bit of cinnamon, kind of spice mix. It’s not spicy or anything, though! Suppose you have to try it to know :)

Elle Xx

Answer #12

i like mint tea.

Answer #13

Greeeeeen tea. I like it better cold, in a can..Arizona…yum

Answer #14

I have a black tea spiced with peppermint and honey. :D

Answer #15

Regular black tea, with some honey and/or sugar.

Answer #16

Red Rose (Orange Pekoe) all the way, every day. A little milk and sugar added, one cup first thing in the morning. Another around 10 pm accompanied by a couple of squares of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Always served in a thin porcelain mug or cup.

Answer #17

I agree. Red Rose is better by a wide margin :)

Answer #18

Black tea gives me cottonmouth (unless it is weak iced black tea). Hot I drink Chinese green and white teas. My favorite is a Bai Hao Yin Zhen or White Hair Silver Needle tea. Unfortunately this is also one of the most expensive teas. I also like gunpowder green and jasmine green teas.

Answer #19

Good Earth brand “Organic Original Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free Herbal Tea,” with a bit of milk (I use soy milk). It’s rich and dark, in the same class as Celestial Seasonings’ “Roastaroma” or Yogi Tea’s “Vanilla Hazelnut” (all chicory-based) but with rooibos in place of carob or roasted barley, and a wonderful blend of naturally sweet flavors that needs no added sugar.

Answer #20

Green Tea by itself, not adding any type of sweeteners.

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