How do you drink your tea?

How do you drink your tea? Hot or Cold? really really sweet? with lemon and cream? Just wondering the best way to drink tea

Answer #1

The best way to drink tea is the way you enjoy it.

I like my iced tea made kinda’ weak, unsweetened with a little lemon.

I like hot green or white tea plain.

Some herbal teas (like red zinger) taste good with a little honey.

Answer #2

I only drink flavored tea. My favorite is vanilla chai. I also like pomegranate and other fuit flavors.

I usually put like, a ton of sugar though. Because it tastes nasty if I don’t. And I put milk in it.

I hate iced tea though.

Grr. Now I want tea. I shall go make some Vanilla Chai tea! :)

Answer #3

I like lemon tea (unsweetened.), especially with a lemon slice in it. I like it hot in the winter & cold or lukewarm in the summer. I really HATE honey in my tea though. blech.

Answer #4

I have mine white with 3 and a half sugars and warm. Just normal breakfast tea. Or I have peach flavoured iced tea.

Answer #5

I love mcdonalds sweet tea

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