How can I do Pilates when I have a back issue (please read description)?

I spoke to my doctor about working out and she suggested this. Though I brought a DVD about it today and watching some of the moves that they suggest seem a bit too extreme when the dvd is called ‘Pilates for Dummies’

I have Scoliosis and had the operation 4 years ago now my back has got 2 rods and a few screws in my back. I’m worried that some of the moves on the dvd would actually hurt my back. I can’t move my back as much as some of the moves expects me to, my back stops me from moving so much.

Answer #1

I guess that a Physiotherapist was appointed to supervise your recovery after the operation. Perhaps you could request a referral with the Physio. so that you can discuss this particular issue, and get expert opinion and guidance. I suspect that your GP does not actually have the necessary time or experience to give the advice you need. . Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

Contact your Dr. and get his advice. It depends on how serious your back issues are. Many blessings.

Answer #3

I further read through what you wrote. Be very, very careful when attempting to do those work out. To keep from damaging your body any further. Ask you’re bf to help assist you, with some of the more difficult Pilate’s, or just avoid those altogether. But do consult a physician first.

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