Can I take pills with me when I go away (read description)?

I’m going to vietnam on saturday, and everyday I have to take evening primrose oil which helps with my skin, moods etc, just wondering if I could take the container full of pills with me if I put it in my suitcase?

Answer #1

I dont believe that would be a problem.

Answer #2

It shouldn’t be a problem.

Answer #3

Evening primrose oil will be fine. I’ve taken it overseas many times.

Answer #4

it would not be a problem but better to have a prescription note by your doc


Answer #5

Yes there wont be any problem. I’ve taken prescription pills with me on the plane itself, I just needed a prescription. I’ve also brought vitamins with as well but in my checkin with no problem :D

Answer #6

Of course you can take anything really with you, if you put it in your suitcase. You might even be able to take it on the plane with you, if it’s for medical reasons, that you need it

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