Do you think cleaning is a good way to burn off steam (read more)?

Cause whenever I get pissed, I clean. And when I say clean, I mean CLEAN. Lol. How do you burn off anger?

Answer #1

I don’t…I struggle with my anger, I never know where to put all that negative energy, maybe I should try cleaning. But yea I think it is a good way if it helps you feel better.

Answer #2

It is a good way. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I usually make myself busy too when im angry doesnt matter wat it is as long as my mind is off wat ever is makin me angry. Or i solve it by confrontation. face watever makes me angry and resolve it in a calm way.

Answer #3

i do the sameeee thing then i feel better but freak out again when someone messes anything up >.< its like taking one step forward then one step back

Answer #4

I clean when I am stressed, frustrated, angry, or even just overwhelmed - I think it is very calming to keep your hands busy while you cool off and can think things through. Sometimes I’ll take ‘me’ time if I really get frustrated so that I can cool down without the outside noise and distractions.

Answer #5

I do the same thing while listening to music, it kinda gets my mind off of things. I also jog outside, putting all that anger towards toning up.

Answer #6

Cleaning, & exercise is always a good way to release steam.

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