My eye is feeling really painful what might it be?

on my left eye only it is leaving warm tears and is terribly irritating and painful I’ve changed my makeup but even though im using eye drops it still painful. going to see the doctor is not an option. might there be any home remedies I can try?

Answer #1

it could be pink eye

Answer #2

It may just be a slight irritation, where you feel as though there’s something gritty in your eye. It makes you want to rub at it, and this makes your eye go all bloodshot. Try bathing your eye with a cool wet face cloth and try not to rub at it. Eventually the irritation should fade.

Answer #3

You might have scratched it

I think it just needs time to heal…and continue with the eyedrops to help ease the irritation.

Answer #4

no its just bloodshot and normal its not a sty :)

Answer #5

Is there swelling on the eyelid?

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