Can i buy the pill without a prescription?

Im only 15, so is it safe to go on the pill??? and also, can I buy the pill at a pharmacy without a prescription??

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it should be safe for you to go on the pill.
ask your dr or look up on the net for information of who can't take the pill.
I don't know what the rules are in china, but in england you can only get the pill on perscription.
good luck.

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Damn you are too young to have sex! f**CK I mean! you can get aids or something! or even pregnant! dont take that risk! THINK! BE SMART! AND MAKE A WISE DECISION!

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There are some safe sex clinics that do give out birth control without a perscription and without your parents knowing for a fee I think it's $10 a month but thats in Canada they may have something like that set up in China so you should check online

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Only 100% safe is abstinence.

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If you want to get on the pill, go to your doctor and get it from him/her.
But yes, 15 is old enough to go on the pill.

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Since you live in China, I don't know how to advise you. Sorry.

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You might want to change your birthdate, you cant be 15 and be born in 1987...

I believe doctors will prescribe the pill to teenagers, however you do have to get a prescription.

The only thing you can get non prescription is the morning after pill, and you have to be 18+ to get that...

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