How can I buy vicodin without a prescription

How do I buy vicodin without a prescription. I’ve talked to friends who make it seem easy, but I can’t find a good answer.

Answer #1

Vicodin (hydocodone) is a Schedule III controlled substance and CANNOT LEGALLY be bought without a prescription. As Mandyloo said, if your Doctor doesn’t prescribe it for u. Then you probably don’t need it. If you are caught using it/carrying it a whole lot of legal trouble is coming your way. And again, as Mandyloo stated, if you are trying to do this you are headed in the wrong direction She is a recovering addict and I am a nurse…pls listen to what we have to say.

Answer #2

You can’t - legally. If a doctor will not give you a prescription of vicodin or any other pain medicine - there is a reason - you don’t need it. Acquiring meds without a prescriptions is illegal. You are doing down a dark path my dear - I’m a recovering drug addict myself and this is how it all started. Turn back while you still can.

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