Why isn't there proof of evolution?

if evolution is real how come there isn’t any proof

Answer #1

“Many mainstream religions(including Catholicism) do not find a conflict between faith and evolution. can you tell how a person can reconcile what the Bible says with what science says and include what you think a person can believe in god (and the bible) and also understand the Theory of Evolution.”

If you choose to believe in God, you can still accept evolution. Evolution may very well be a “tool” of God’s creation. Evolution both in the material aspects of the universe and the biological aspects.

If you try to take the Bible literally, you can’t accept evolution. But I don’t believe that the Bible was meant to totally be taken in the literal sense.

In my opinion the Bible is a collection of historical effort by the priests to control the society of those particular eras for the benefit of that society. The Bible continued to evolve up until 2000 years ago then stopped although man and societies continued to evolve.

Answer #2

Agreed with kevinmm. I’ve been wondering that same question myself. And this one: Obviously Evolution exists, and what I’m wondering is: Why do so many people in this world believe in the Creation Theory more than Evolution? Is it because (some, not all) Americans want to believe in “fairytales” or is it because it’s just easier to believe in something much more far fetched than real evidence that is right under their noses? And another question that I am eager to get answered..

How could all the things that are “relavent” and appear in the Creation Theory acctually happened? I mean did “God” really make Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden? How can people believe in a text that has been written by so many hands, that material in that text could have been fabricated, and “events” that supposedly accured but there is no acctual evidence of? I just don’t get how so many people can believe in something that you can’t see or have no record of any of it acctually happening.

If any of you are offended by what I just said, I’m sorry. It’s my opinion and I hope you can accept that.

Answer #3

dude evolution is a buch of crap. we are way to complex to have just happened by chance and over time. its aright to an extent like why snowshoe rabbits are white in the arctic.

Answer #4

You’re kidding, right? ISI tracks 35 scholarly journals that publish articles on evolutionary biology and another 132 that publish articles on genetics and heredity (there are probably a few that it doesn’t track, too). There is enough published peer-reviewed proof of evolution to make your head spin, if only you are willing to risk a trip to a library…

One of the fastest (and deadliest) proofs of evolution is the AIDS virus; it mutates so fast that you can actually tell whether person A got the virus from person B directly or through another person just by comparing the genetic makeup of viruses they carry.

An equally convincing (and somewhat less deadly) proof is the unending war between the human race and the flu virus; the virus evolves in response to human body trying to eradicate it. Every once in a while, there is a particularly nasty form, such as Spanish flu that killed millions of people between 1918 and 1920…

A look at the genetic makeup of human beings allows you to tell when and in what order human races appeared. A comparison of genetic makeup of humans and apes can tell you how long ago a common ancestor of the two species lived.

And that’s before we start looking into the fossil record, homology, rudiments and atavisms, and all that other stuff from biology textbooks…

Answer #5

Yes sadly evolutionest do spread lies about creationism. Sad part is, half the time they don’t even know they are lying. Evolution and creation are equal, it’s the evidence FOR both that is being theorized.
see I can do it too

Answer #6

Well that my friend is because evolution is not real!! scientist just cant get over the fact that God its going to give all of the unsolvable answers to the unsolvable questions away! no one is smarter than God soo scientist come up with these stupid therories because they have nothing else to do!!

Answer #7

intell desine or creationism is just as valid as evolution. the evolution is half lies anyway. theres no true evidence caues it never happened

Answer #8

Wow, a lot of you people are idiots, evolution is real!!! dinosaur bones were NOT planted by an invisible man name God or any crap like that.

Answer #9

I think its pretty obviouse that evolution occured you proably didnt even know that snakes evolved from lizards… animals need to evolve they ADAPT to there surrounding enviroment its survival of the fittest…what could survive, evolved and as if fossils wernt enough or you could just go with your soloution that has less/ no proof …that “god” did it

Answer #10

There are mountains of evidence. In fact, we’ve been collecting evidence since the mid 1800’s and it confirms the theory of evolution (remember that a scientific theory is the best explanation for a body of data and not just some guess). As I said before, Google is your friend. Read some articles. Find some research. Ask questions!

Answer #11

I, myself do not believe in evolution but it sure is a biggie for some people. The world and all the people in it and how we all came to be is such a HUGE topic and I don’t think you are going to get any “right” answer to this one. People have tried to prove evolution, I just don’t believe the B.S. I’m not going to say what I believe is the right way but it is what I believe.

Answer #12

evolution is supported by half truths and hole lies. you havent heard a convencing aurgument against evolution cause your dont want to. Your so close minded that you wont even think of accepting creation or intell desine as a possability.

Answer #13

There is lot’s of evidence which support evolution. The mountains and ancient fossils prove that earth is much older than 6000 years. The old neandertal bones found prove the evolution. Even only about a million years old bones prove that human has evolved.

Answer #14

Uh, its not fact-its theory. It can not be proven as fact. Passed that class already.

Answer #15

there is no proof and it beeing real dont work together if theres no proof then its only maybe real

Answer #16

I see the creationist trolls are giving out zero ratings again. How sad.

Answer #17

heres a question… why is there no proof of GOD? I dont know what to beleive…

Answer #18

Why isn’t there proof of the Creation Theory?

Answer #19

because some things in this world cant be explaned

Answer #20

There is proof… A lot of it.

Answer #21

yeh like he sead

Answer #22

its just a theory.

Answer #23

There is.

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