Changing accent

Can the accent of a person change? Im 15 and I moved into uk for 2 years … Is there any way that I could speak with the same accent as an english person?

Thank you

Answer #1

Some people find it harder to loose their accent than others. There are strong links between musical people and people who pick up new accents easily.

My brother in law moved here from Belfast and still has his accent and another person I know from Belfast has lost his really quickly.

Where are you from originally.

either way, I dont think you should worry about it.

Answer #2

YES…well I do some “lousy” british…hahaha

im working on that…hehe

Answer #3

They say that if you moved and you were younger than ten your accent should change. But you are still young, your voice might change.

Answer #4

your accent will eventually change… if you want it to.

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