Is this an effective affirmation against introversion?

People, they add so much to my life; diversity, challenges, surprises, and that certain unique spice they all carry. Their presence is so fulfilling all the mysteries, riddles, puzzles, and strange behavior they exhibit, even the conflicts they cause adds pleasure to every second of my life; it is therefore my goal to unravel each one of their mysteries, to understand their view of things, learn their imperfections accepting them for the wonderfully imperfect person that they are, I do all this so that I can receive the full benefits of these foreign relations, that we all deal with, the people.

Answer #1

While we like to believe that everyone is a rich tapestry if experiences, knowledge, and ideas I find that in fact most people are dull, apathetic, and closed minded. Basically the masses are asses. Yes it is elitist to say this but so what? And for that matter what is wrong with being an introvert?

Answer #2

I find introversion rewarding, and I agree with you, not all people are colourful and clever.

Answer #3

I dont understand. Whats wrong with being an introvert? I am perfectly happy being an introvert. I dont think it makes me any better or worse than an extrovert, I am just different from them. I dont see the point if this.

Answer #4

I think the whole introvert/extravert distinction is fake. It’s good to become as self-aware as you can, and it’s good to engage with a wide range of all different sorts of people (and to build closer personal relationships with a few), and you don’t have to choose between the two.

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