Why doesn't alcohol effect me?

This is kind of a silly question, but I have been wondering for a long time now why alcohol has no effect on me. I can pretty much drink what I want and how much I want without any consequences. Does anyone else have this? Has anybody heard of this?

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Alcohol slows the function of the brain in two ways. it limits the actions of glutamate, and adds gamma-aminobutyric acid.

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So what does that mean?

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In what way does that answer her question?

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Certain people can just handle it better than others. Generally the fitter you are the least tolerance you have, the opposite is also true and heavier, taller and bigger people can handle alcohol better. Furthermore it is also a mind over matter thing, I have friends that don't get drunk, simply because they don't want to, regardless of the amount they drink (we tested it). Then the more your drink the less it affects you.

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you have to be careful with that. yes it may not affect you in the way most people are affected with their loss of function. but if you drink too much, you can one slow your nervous system down so much it kills you, you can get alcohol poisoning, and another thing that could kill you is dehydration because alcohol dehydrates the body.
but to answer your question haha you probably have a huge tolerance towards alcohol.

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I am sure it does. Perhaps it effects your self awareness while you are drinking and therefore you don't see the effect. Have you thought of that?

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lol my dad is like that. he'll have like 5 roman cokes and 2 beers and be fine and know whats going on and not feel dizzy. he talks like freakin crazy though. non-stop talking all night O_O

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What exactly do you mean without consequences? If you mean the day after consequences, well either you just dont drink that much (how much exactly is what you want?) or you have a high tolerance. I mean I can have between a dozen and fifteen shots and like 4 hours of sleep and no hangover or anything (haven't tried more, i'm usually done at that point). It's just high tolerance. If you mean in the moment, I dont know whether you can accurately assess that or not. Alcohol is a depressant, unless you've got crazy tolerance, you're likely to have some slowing down of reflexes and such, even if it isnt all that obvious to your or anyone else around you. Basically the answer is really high tolerance, and some psychology thrown in there.

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I just mean that I can drink the same amount as my friends, and all of my friends are falling and yelling all over the place like losers and I'm standing on the deck patting the cat. I can wake up and go to work the next morning with no problem and my friends are all hungover, vomiting and can't function properly. I'm just wondering why I'm not like them when drinking. I have friends thinner than me, and friends bigger than me, taller, smaller, different ages etc yet I'm always the only one who can function like a normal human when drinking. It's usually me putting the younger kids to bed, washing the dishes, locking the house and making sure everybody is getting home safely because everybody else at the party can't seem to remember their last name. Like, I'd never drive after drinking or anything. But I'm just a bit confused as to how I can do this but nobody else can?

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Thanks for your answer. Very helpful.

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haha your welcome. i know it was a little off topic from the question but it seems you can "hold your own" haha. and alot of people who can do that dont know that they are still at risk for some things

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Yeah, that's kind of what I was wondering about as well. I don't drink at all very much lol. Gosh everybody on here must think I'm an alcoholic.

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haha nah, i know many people who hold their own but they also dont know when to stop haha.

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Aside from the tolerance thing, it may be because you dont want to let yourself get outside of your own control. Kind of like how some people are harder to hypnotise for the same reason. My old flatmate is the same, she would never act really stupid after drinking, and its just because of her personality.

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Just high tolerance. The falling and yelling all over the place is more psychological than anything else. But the rest of it is probably tolerance.

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I understand what you're saying - all alcohol affects me except for rum. I can drink 3 bottles of the stuff and not feel even remotely intoxicated. It's not due to tolerance, though, because I can drink 1 tequila and be on the floor. I was told at one point that it had something to do with the scent...I have some sort of immunity to the rum scent, so it doesn't affect me. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but all I can say is, I get what you mean, even if nobody else does.

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Ah ha thanks for that! I was afraid nobody would get what I meant and just think I'm a total alchie with some sort of immunity even though I don't actually drink very often! It's good to know I'm not the only one :P

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Im here because I had the same question. But after reading and reflecting. The psychological aspect stands strong. I need to be VERY in control of my own mind. And my thinking tends to be intense. I drink and smoke to try and lose some of that control. But I end up not feeling much. My body feels the effects. Or at least I can feel alcohol in it's entirety. And my head just continues like nothing has changed. Although I've noticed if I get drunk enough. And I just let go. I will be exactly where I don't want to be and it's hilarious. So. Next time just do that. Lose control and drink enough to just say fuck it. Otherwise you will be a sober drunk.

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I am the exact same way. I was just at a wedding the other day. I had two strong orange crushes and a Apple pie shooter. I may as well of drank plain soda...i mean I felt nothing. I drink literally like 2 or 3 times a year. I was thinking maybe the drinks were just weak but there were grown men that were actually getting sick.

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i have same problem, been only drink a year, im 32 year old male and very thin, and down a bottle of vodka and feel nothing. like really nothing, alitte head tingle, i have to restore myself to normal but so people cant get drunk. just lightly buzz to be normal. i once blew a 4.0 at friends house and i drove them home, i took care of them when they stayed night. i would love to just stop drinking but alabama, hahaha

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I'm wondering the same thing. I quit for a while to try to let my liver heal, fatty liver from pills and fatty foods and drinking. After months of being sober I drank a 12pk in about 15 min. Felt nothing. I can take shots of anything and lots of beer and if I do feel a buzz hours into drinking any bite of food will reset me back to zero. I just worry the harm to my body with no benifits if feeling good like I intended.

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I'm looking for the answer to the same question... I gave up drinking for a few months (i only drunk a 4 pack of 6.5% vodkas twice a week) and now a few months later i had the same 4 pack and feel nothing. Apart from a stomach bloat because i drunk the 4 in half an hour. I had no tipsy sensation or anything anymore?? I tried a different brand to see if whether the formulation of that product had changed or it was a bad batch but nope. The same thing is happening to me right now?? Weird. I only ever needed 4 to feel a bit tipsy and relaxed. Now i feel nothing at all it sucks. Its like i just drunk 800 calories for nothing hahaha.

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Im really interested in this, as my body does not seem to absorb alcohol in a normal manner.
I can pass a sobriety test and have no discernable difference in reaction times after a 750ml bottle of spirits. I have the liver function of a tee-total despite the drinking culture of my peers.

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