How to get back to life strong ,nice ,effective?

alot of life and hard stuff happened to me iam 20 male .. i am tired of apologizing to people my family also are hard to have a conversation “ like old school “ its going strange i will change my college .. goodbye my freinds i want to back on life track and peace .. please alot of tips and help i want practical steps and good calm music please help

Answer #1

Step one: Make amends to those you’ve caused pain. Dont dwell on their respnse though, you cant make someone forgive you, all you can do is make your amends and say your peace and move on. Step two: Find new hobbies. It not only is a great way to meet new friends with similar interest. We are happier in life when were doing something we enjoy. Step three: Make a list of your goals in life and work to achieve them. Focus on yourself now and achieving what you want in life.

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