What can help my dry nose caused by using toilet paper instead of tissues?

My nose is all red and raw, and putting lotion on it BURNED like no other so I was wondering if there were any other options?

Answer #1

Vaseline, non-scented lotion (the fragrence is what burns and irritates it), non scented lip balm.

Answer #2

Thank you :)

Answer #3

it may sound really really disgusting…but I found that when i was in your position…(due to allergies) I found the only soothing thing to relieve that burning sensation was Vaseline petroleum jelly(yes it may sound really horrible…and my feel all ichy…but it does the job & you have to consider your options…ichy feeling or relief…your choice… looks like this..–>http://funadvice.com/r/3kjk0m197q hope this helps you as it did for me…no more sores & no more burning sensation!

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