What else can I use to clean my nose piercing?

What can I use to clean my nose ring I just got it pierced, would ear piercing cleaner from peoples work fine? ..

Answer #1

Do not use peroxide, it will kill the bad AND good bacteria and dry out the piercing therefore preventing it from healing properly.

This may sound silly but its what I did when I got my nose pierced and its what I recommend (I’m a piercing apprentice) to anyone with a new nose piercing. Fill a glass with warm water and a teaspoon of sea salt. Hold your breath and put your nose in the glass and blow bubbles in the water with your nose. This will gently clean the piercing (and help with any soreness or irritation) and you dont have to worry about sticking things up your nose :)

Answer #2

That or peroxcide will work. make sure to turn your nose ring if you can, and if your willing to do it, put a little bit of cleaner on a cotton swab not to sound disgusting but stick it up your nose to clean the bottom of the nose ring and to keep its from getting infected in your nose.

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