How can I stop my nose from being so sore and dry when I have a cold?

i have a bad cold,i have to constantly blow my nose and its making my nose really red,sore and dry is there anyway i can stop this?

Answer #1

I don’t know of anything to stop it, but I do know that carmex lip balm helps a lot for me, just put it on the sore areas.

Answer #2

UIse soft tissue, and also keep your nose moisturized.

Answer #3

You should use a humidifier in the room that you are in the most. A good lotion or Neosporin will help with the sore, red, and dry spots. Try not to be so rough with your nose when you’re blowing it. Instead of wiping your nose, try softly patting it dry instead. Those tissues with lotion on them are nice to use. :)

Answer #4

Use Vaseline, and soft tissues. Also, try not to blow or rub your nose so much.

Answer #5

There are tissues that have lotion in them, you can buy those.

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