Red on the toilet paper

I am so scarde!!! this mey sound weird gross and disgusting ! but I need help!! I just went to the bathroom and did buisnes and when I wiped there was bright red gel like stuff on the toilet paper!!! what is happening!!!

Answer #1

Period Time!! Dont worry almost every girl goes through it. Helpful tips… If you get really bad cramps I suggest taking a couple tylonol extra strength rapid release gels for the pain, for a lot of girls tampons are more comfortable than pads, but if this is your first period pads will work easier for you since your not used to tampons. Hope this was helpful

Answer #2

Periodd :) youu havee to tell yourr mum unless youu wait till she finds out (thats what I donee) . lol congrats yourr a woman ! :P x

Answer #3

You’ve gotten your period :) It’s something every girl goes through so your not alone. Ask your mum to buy you some period pads. Don’t be scared about it because it’s comletely natural and normal. At your age though you should of already learn’t about this stuff in school :/

Answer #4

yeah iz your period.

Answer #5

you got your period!!! you need to by pads… ..

Answer #6

You probably just got your period hun … Is this your first time?

Answer #7


Answer #8

its your period

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