New fruit drink ideas.

I need ideas of what you would like in a fruit drink. I’m supposed to design a new fruit drink, but just a plan for now.

  1. I need a name
  2. I need a unique idea for packaging.
  3. Where’s the best place to adveritse?
  4. Best place to sell? Ex. schools, supermarkers, etc?

Another question about the packaging. Do you guys know any fruit drink where the packaging is in the shape of the fruit that the drink is flavored? For example apple juice in an apple-shaped container. If so where can I get a picture? And do you think it’s a good idea?

If you have any other ideas at well I’m totally open to them.

Thanks in advance.

Answer #1

sorry I’m not very good with names, I can only ever think of ones with the word “surprise” in…

You could, as you were talking about, use fruit-shaped containers, but instead of putting in that flavour fruit juice, you could put in a different fruit juice.

TV, food containers e.g. milk cartons, sides of chilled frindges in supermarkets, billboards…

Schools - schools usually like to promote healthy drinking, gyms, supermarkets, newsagents…

I think that the fruit container idea makes the drink a lot more child friendly, it is always more fun to drink somethink that looks fun or interesting…

Sorry I don’t really have any beter ideas…

Answer #2

Kiwi- Nanaloupe fruit juice consisting of kiwis bananas and cantaloupe

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