Can drinking vinegar kill you?

Can drinking vinegar kill you and what are the effects?

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I had a discussion about it with a doctor a couple of years ago. I heard that drinking distilled apple cider vinegar and honey helped clean out clogged arteries. She said it can cause liver cancer and similar problems if too much is consumed.

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good 4 losing weight:)

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gives you heart burn I think lol xx

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Well yeahh.. I suppose it's like drinking too much alcohol.

can vinegar kill sperm?

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My husband drank 100ml of vinegar in some kind of group gag, he was sick for 2 days with a stomach ache and rot gut. While one teaspoon DILUTED may be ok, drinking that much makes you very sick!! Others in his group that drank it became nauseated with some throwing up and others had the runs. They definitely lost aLL ENERGY FOR SEVERAL DAYS!

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I drink the brine of the hot peppers that my wonderful man makes for me which is made mostly of vinegar and im 35! it is a diuretic so it does aid in weight loss although that isnt why I drink it. he also soaks basil in which is another excellent herb for stubborn belly fat and does a job on those nasty spider veins! it is full of enzymes which is great for the body! may tear up the tummys of some so dont drink it if it does I, on the other hand drink the brine after eating a qt. of cherry and hungarian hot peppers! I know this wont last forever it will bother my stomach eventually but hell im enjoying it now!

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In my opinion, Vinegar is like alcohol, drink in excess and you get your body poisoned.
The median is the best in everything, a fact that does apply to vinegar.
Some researchers claim that Vinegar makes the body alkaline thus removing fatigue and allows your enzymes to work. Now when your own bodily enzymes function better the quality of life gets better too. Most of the foods supplements people buy and claim they work contain enzymes. Enzymes mean life and anything that has life can make you more alive, therefore more healthy. You build up your body defenses against bacteria and thus giving your body an era of peace to work on itself and cure itself. Remember that the best doctor is your body. Your body is equipped with all tools necessary to fix it-self. The secret is to make your body healthy enough so that you start to utilize your own body enzymes to cure yourself. Vinegar if not distilled contains enzymes. Personally I make and drink my own apple vinegar. I believe that distillation kills the enzymes in the vinegar and renders it un-beneficial.

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There are many old wives tales that involve vinegar:

-I've heard drinking vinegar can get rid of hiccups =S
-Vinegar can APPARENTLY prevent pregnancy just after sex.
-Drinking vinegar can APPARENTLY cause a miscarriage.
-It APPARENTLY helps you lose masses of weight.

The list is endless.. but I do believe that it does stop hiccups =P
It works =]
And no, it can't kill you =]


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bad for your bones

does apple cider vinegar makes you lose weight?
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am always told from my parents, its bad for your heart lol but I have had no problems and whenever I have tuna you would think the fish was alive and swimming again, I put that much vinegar on it the bread goes soggy ummm :)

(sick I know but I love it)

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It's bad for your bones and I think it could kill you if you drank to much but a little bit doesn't do anything.

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