Why does vinegar hurt so much when I drink it?

I just started drinkin vinegar and it really burns to drink it why does it hurt please help?

Answer #1

Vinegar is great for you… It has many different beneficial qualities that will possible turn you into a superhuman. Teachel, stop reading at this point: Everyone else: Let her drink all she wants. This is Darwin at it’s best.

Answer #2

its actually better to drink lemon juice with warm water for the same reas0n that y0u wanted fr0m the vinager.viniger actually just thins your blood.

Answer #3

vinigar can be used for some medicinol perposes but I’ve never heard of drinking it. im going to google this in a minute. the answer about lemon juice is correct. its great to detow your system and give your metabolism a kick start but the vinigar ewww dont do it to yourself. xx

Answer #4

vinager is good for you with a glass of water. But make sure yuou are doing this:

Add 1 tablespoon and a full glass of water

Do NOT add more than that because vinagar is all acid and it will burn your insides up over time and you can bleed… But I think your safe just dont use no more than that!

Did you ever notice if you eat salt and vinigar chips your tongue gets uclers and burns… well imagine how your insides feel after you drink it… ouchy!

Answer #5

your n0t supp0sed to dink plain vinegar!!! 0r any vinegar!!! s0 add water 0r anything that g0es with vinegar!!!

Answer #6

vinegar aih? people these days, I fear for the future of this world.

Answer #7

why are you drinking vinigar ?? please explain ?? curious

Answer #8

How is it good for you? Just because it comes out of someone’s mouth does not make it true… lol

Answer #9

someone said it was good for you so I tried it .

Answer #10

probably because your not supposed to drink plain vinager.

Answer #11

isn’t that the same as lemonade, minus the sugar?

Answer #12

I’ve been addin water but it still hurts.

Answer #13

I h0pe y0u are adding it to a glass 0f water.

Answer #14

I’m guessing cause vinegar is acid

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