Can drinking vinegar effect your cycle?

during ovulation me and my fiance had unprotected everyday but on the fourth day I drank 4oz of vinegar straight for drug test and I was nt sure if it affected me getting pregnant or not but when it came time for my period I was two days late or maybe four because my period normally comes two days before expected not two days after and then since I assumed I wasn’t pregnant when I thought I was ovulating again we did the same thing again but this time without vinegar and the same thing happened so I was wondering can you have what might seem like a normal period while your pregnant or could the vinegar have messed my cycle up

Answer #1

I completely agree with sue90. If you’re trying to get pregnant, what the heck are you doing taking drugs!?! You need to have a healthy lifestyle before you even think about bringing a child into this world! Also, depending on what drugs you and your fiance are doing, it could cause his sperm to be effected along with your eggs. Now that you think you two are ready to become parents, maybe you both should clean your systems of all drugs and then began trying to get pregnant. Be responsible adults.

You want a healthy baby, not a baby born into massive withdraw, which could be so bad that that alone could kill it. Drugs in your system can also cause miscarriages and still-births. I’m sure your not doing all this planning, and scheduling to get pregnant, just to miscarry, or even worse, go through a whole term of pregnancy carrying your son or daughter, feeling them move inside of you, just to birth a them dead!

Honestly, think about everything. Clear your system and your fiances, wait about a month so that your body’s completely clean, then began to try making a new life.

Hope you chose to do this whole thing right for the sake of your baby!


Answer #2

Dear mischa87, You can have a period while pregnant…Vinegar will do nothing to help you pass a drug test. The bigger question is what are you doing trying to get pregnant while doing drugs?? You need to be more concerned about bringing a drug addicted, deformed, handicapped child into this world because of your drug taking then passing a drug test.
Sue…good luck

Answer #3

well I dont think the vinegar would have anything to do with it. I used to have my periods the same time everymonth and now my skips around and I know that I am not pregnant cause I am fixed cause I have already three girls but listen did you know that you can still have your periods and be pregnant cause I was on my period when I found out that I was preg. with my child. so if you need someone to talk with email me back I would be glad to chat with you .

Answer #4

I’ve been taking apple cider vinegar pretty regularly for over 2 years now. My periods have always been erratic (jealous of the girls that know theirs is like clockwork ^^) Since I started taking it my periods aren’t as painful (works great for migraines too). Some of friends from the carribean said that if they missed their period they were given vinegar (not sure if white or apple cider) to start their periods. Now, you mentioned drugs. The last thing you want is a baby with defects it is heart wrenching. I say this from experience. I (nor my husband) have never touched illegal drugs of any kind, we do not take any prescription drugs or over the counter pain meds of any kind. We do not smoke and I have not had a drop of liquor in over 10 years (my husband has never drank alcohol). We eat fairly healthy. We’ve been married for 7 years (31 years old now) we decided earlier this year that now is the time to start having children, we were ready. Found in early March that I was preg ^^ yay. July 9 (our anniversary, yeah this year sucked)we find out that chromosome 13 had too many copies, this resulted in a herniated diaphragm. This allowed the stomach of our son to grow where his heart should have been, pushing his heart further to the left. Now keep in mind that the left lung is normally smaller than the right to allow for the heart, but since the heart was pushed further to the left it impeded on the growth of the left lung and also allowing only 3 chambers of the heart to grow (heart needs 4 to function properly) this caused brain matter to not grow (on the ultrasound pics there were areas about the size of quarters where there was no brain tissue) because not enough oxygen was getting to the brain, also the kidneys were so reflective in the ultrasound (the shinier the kidneys during the full anatomy scan the worse the kidney stones. think about that. kidney stones hurt like hell in an adult, but what would a developing fetus be feeling @ 24 weeks?). We decided to end the pregancy because it was not fair for our son to go through that. Remember my husband and I have pretty healthy lifestyle, and all that happened to our first child (did I mention that this year sucked) if your on drugs get off of them. I brought up the vinegar to my Neonatal specialist and was told she had never heard of vinegar causing birth defects or stopping pregnancy. When I was pregnant un/diluted vinegar were the main things that stopped the constant dry heaving and the 10 times I actually puked (I had more dry heaving sickness than morning sickness.) But I drink it everyday, when I’m feeling congested I’ll take a tsp without diluting it and drink a cup of water a few minutes after (clears out the phlegm fast). For those who have never taken it straight, it hits you like you just had a shot of whiskey for the first time and a nice odd warmth spreads through your body. It’s interesting to notice the way you’re body responds ^_^

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