Can vinegar kill sperm?

My boyfriend and I just had a baby 8 months ago ... I think I'm pregnant again... but I can't have it... I mean we're not ready for another... can vinegar kill sperm?

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No it cant not , go to the doctor and get a abortion. :)
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You seem to have two questions. First, find out if you're pregnant. Then consult with your doctor. If you're not, PROTECT YOURSELF. Use actual contraception. If you're not ready for a baby, you shouldn't rely on vinegar. Even if it might work. Every woman's body is different, and introducing foreign substances to "that area" may give you a wicked yeast infection. Tread lightly my friend.

Can a vinegar kill the sperm cell inside you ?
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NOTHING will kill sperm once its inside you execpt for the morning after pill
and if its been more than 3 days since youve had sex, taking it will do nothing
an abortion is NOT a diy job
be smart, go and see a doctor and get an abortion AFTER you find out if your pregnant

Can drinking vinegar kill you?

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