Am I drinking too much pop still?

I used to drink like four cans of pop a day, and now I’m down to drinking one a day. I drink coke, its the only caffeine I drink. Is drinking one coke a day still too much?

Answer #1

Try to cut back even more, to 1 or 2 a week. You can get bone density problems as well, my sister is having to take extra calcium now after a bone density test. She loved her coke and regrets it. She was drinking one can a day…

Answer #2

Yes! I used to be a nerd and drink a 2L or more of Normal coke a day and after awhile I felt it inside… I completely stopped one day and I feel great, its hard because your used to the caffeine, but its worth it in the end! So I would say yes I would cut it back quite abit :) goodluck steph!

Answer #3

It’s not the caffiene in pop that will kill you, it’s the sugar. This generation has an unprecedented level of diet induced child diabetes caused primarily by drinking sweetened drinks as a replacement for water.

Answer #4

my doctor told me that drinking one pop a day for a year will result in a yearly gain of 5 pounds. so…maybe try stepping down easily…like one every other day…

caffeine really isn’t good for you…have you tried the caffeine free? it’s wortha try I guess.

Answer #5

If it is regular coke (not diet) then I’d recommend against it. There is just too much sugar in regular soft drinks. Diet is better for you.

Answer #6

not too much persay but maybe you shouldnt drink at all try drinking green tea its more refreshing and has natural energy (I think)

Answer #7

try drinking water instead…coke is bad for first it tastes like sh*t but dont worry you’ll end up loving it and benefting from it unlike from coke try to cut it down to at least half a coke a day and so on..till you feel comfty with so you wont want it as badly if you just completly cut it down get what I mean?

Answer #8

I’d recommend you drink them even less…

It doesn’t really matter whether its regular or diet. Actually, REAL sugar is much easier for your body to process than the artificial stuff. The fact that the drinks are ‘carbonated’ is the bigger issue.

I would suggest you save your ‘fizzy drink time’ for the weekends.

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