how much water are we supposed to drink in a day?

how much water are we supposed to drink in a day? I heard 8 glasses is that correct? but how much water is in 8 glasses?

Answer #1

The formula that works best for most people is: half your weight (lbs) in ounces.

That means, if you weight 140 lbs, you’ll need to drink 70 ounces of water to stay hydrated.

Answer #2

the regular and reccommended amount of water for a normal day is 64 ozs. this is 8 regular(8oz) glasses of water a day. if you are very active and run and sweat a lot though, you should increse that amount by half, and drink an addtionall 32 ozs.

Answer #3

The funny thing is I fill most of my glasses to 12 oz. 8 oz. is a cup.

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