Does anyone else out there have an almost impossible dream?

I dream of being a singer and an actress. And I truly believe it’s the only thing I’ll be happy doing. Everytime I see those successful people being who I want so badly to be, I get depressed. So people tell me that I should go after my dreams.

But should I really go after them when I know I will be turned down and shot down time after time again? I’m Asian, and how many successful Asian singers do you see out there anyway, do you know what I mean? My voice isn’t that great either, but I want so badly for people to want to listen to the songs I write..

Answer #1

If you can dream it - you CAN achieve it through hard work and prayer - it’s up to you !!

Answer #2

I Believed I Could Be A Singer And I Auditioned For America’s Got Talent, I Didnt Get Through.. I Havent Sang Since…I Noo I Can Sing But The Ruined It For Me

Answer #3

If you can’t sing well, then try sending your songs to places that will review your writing/songs and possibly let others sing it. That might be a good place to start. People make a ton of money from this kind of thing. I don’t think I’d get depressed if I couldn’t sing, you could still find ways to be active in this area by continue writing or work on the actress thing. Best way people get into that is to go to college and major in theatre. Good Luck!

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