Does anyone else randomly feel like dancing and singing?

is there anyone here who out of no where just gets this weird urge to start dancing and singing?? to sing like an idiot and dance like some 5 years old with 2 left feet?? maybe it’s just me but that’s so fun, totally rocks my socks.

Answer #1

well, I tend to do that when I’m cleaning house :)

Answer #2

ricks your socks? what the f*ck weird. And yea I do…cause im cool like that. But yea its funny to goof around. Sometimes I be so kiddy but then sometimes I can be deep

Answer #3

dancing randomly is the best..I want to sing someday(like professionally) and the best way to boost your personal self esteem is to just sing and dance all the time

Answer #4

hell to tha yes :]

Answer #5

Yeah, it’s awesome… takes you back to the days of yesteryear… though, I still can’ dance… Lol. Britz

Answer #6

Omg that sounds like something I would do. Lol, me and my friends like to make fool of ourselves ot see how people react. Lol. Love it.

Answer #7

hahahaha who cares if youcan’t dance it just adds to all the fun. nothing better then trying to do the worm in the middle of walmart… hahaha priceless.

Answer #8

Lol! Yeah I do that a lot! I feel like so happy though when I do it! Lol. And I put on some awesome MCR songs to rock out to! Lol.

Answer #9

… every second of my lif! lol

Answer #10

I know I do.

Answer #11

I always do at school or in walmart. good times good time. hahahaha

Answer #12

great way to feel better actually, I do it all the time

Answer #13

Yeah I do that when I clean too… it’s kinda funny slash crazy… yet fricking sweeet!!!

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