Anyone else feel like this? What helps?

In my group of friends I have a lot of friends I guess, but I’ve never really had a long-lasting best friend. Like when I was little I did, and people always seem to move on and drift away from me. At the moment my only really good friend who I feel comfortable with is my ex, but that’s only because he still likes me. I feel like everyones so immature, and they all seem to annoy me. Is it me who’s being immature? Also, I feel like I can’t fit in because I haven’t ever found a style. Like I can’t be preppy, and the people I hang out with are the skater type kids. How do I figure out really who I am? Btw, I’m 14 and in 8th grade, im one of the oldest in my grade.

Answer #1

kay so your in eighth grade and you don’t know who you are…pretty damm normal! Not everybody knows who they are at 14! in fact a whole load of people don’t know who they are until they are in their thirties/late late twenties. You need to find older friends, your not being immature btw, you need to try and find OTHER people then skater types. It doesn’t matter if you dont have YOU OWN style, its perfectly fine to be an all around kinda person.

Answer #2

Not to worry, you’re normal - not all of us in life are fortunate enough to find that ‘best’ friend that stays even though they know you, even when everybody else in tough times, runs away - same with true love…elusive - but there’s always hope and prayer that we’ll find that one - I wish you the best !!

Answer #3

haha wow do I feel the same! I find people expremely hard to keep around. its usuually… 1.) they drift away. 2.) they annoy me. or 3.) they dont like me or I dont like them

its like how am I supposed to find my “people”? I guess we dont really need em huh? lol I’ve had one best friend scince 2nd grade and shes the only one still around. everyone else… we’re not really cool. like I could hang out with a bunch of different people and im easy to get along with but I dont really have a set group of friend like everyone else… I guess its a good thing because its never the same thing and I get a different taste of people all the time and that parts pretty cool but I don’t know it would be kinda nice to know what “group” I could be considered… I guess me and you cold be labeled as… COOL =]

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