Why does my dog love to steal peoples tissues?

Answer #1

My dog always does that…

Answer #2

Because they get to rip it up and play with it. Also, when he steals the tissue, do people turn and pay attention to him? Or like start chasing him? Dogs do things because they are reinforced (i.e. rewarded in some way). So he is either having fun playing, or he is enjoying the attention.

Answer #3

No. We used to.Now we just ignore him since the vet said it was alright for him to eat them.

Answer #4

If the tissue has your odor he takes it because he likes you and the smell is comforting to him.

– Majikthise.

Answer #5

Well you used to. You already taught him that he’s going to receive some attention. It takes a while to break something that’s been learned. Also, he could just like ripping it up. My cat does.

Answer #6

Cause tissues taste good! =)

Answer #7

My Chihuahua use to do the same thing. I think simply beacuse shredding it is loads of fun! : )

Answer #8

ohhh lmao my cat took a whole roll of paper towels well i wasn’t home and ripped them all upppp xD

Answer #9

Mucus tasted good to them.

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