Who love cats or dogs or both?

how maney people love cats or dogs or both just curious?

Answer #1

I love both, but cats more.

Answer #2

I love both and work with both at the Humane Society in my city. I intake them, help vaccinate them, and make sure they get adopted to good homes and that they’re happy and healthy.

For whoever loves animals, volunteering at the local animal shelter in your town is a huge help. It really makes the homeless animals happy to be played with and walked :)

Answer #3

Honestly, I love both. I am a professional dog groomer, and am a little more partial to dogs, but I just love animals in general.

Answer #4

Both. I used to hate cats, but now I have one, and I love her! I used to think dogs were more loyal, faithful etc, Complete opposite with my dog and cat…

Answer #5

I lvoe them both :D

Answer #6

I like cats better, but I like dogs as well (cats are a little cleaner and don’t give you slobbery kisses! :) )!

Answer #7

I love dogs and cats, but mostly doggies. xD For some reason I have visions of hurting animals though, like bad. But I’d never hurt an Animal. It’s weird.

Answer #8

Kitties all the way!!! screw those smelly dogs.

Answer #9

I like all animals including cats and dogs!:)

Answer #10

I love Cats

Answer #11

I LOVE dogs! I would like cats, but I’m allergic to their fur… bad, huh? :(

Answer #12

I love both and I have a cat named ziggy and a dog named sugar

Answer #13

Love them both…


Answer #14

I love dogs.

Answer #15

I like cats. They’re not loud, they’re not annoying, they don’t poop and pee everywhere, they take their own baths, and they can get their own food if need be.

Answer #16

I love all animals. I have a cat, and I would also love a dog. But I know the two just wouldn’t go well together.

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