Does rook piercing hurt?

I want to get the rook piercing in 2 days, how bad does it hurt? Also, I go to a very strict school so I was just wondering if rook piercing is very noticeable?

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The rook is great!
I'm 15 years old, I got mine done last Friday (it's Tuesday) and it's doing really well. It was my first cartilage piercing (I only have my lobes done twice otherwise) and it did hurt, but then again I have nothing to compare it to but the lobes. Because everyone has different tolerances for pain, it will depend whether it hurts or not. For me, it was not as bad as I expected cause I had psyched myself out reading horror stories online of the "crunch" sound, so on, so forth. There was not a crunch, just a sharp pain for an instant then a sensation of quick pressure while the jewelry was put in. I thought my piercer, Julie, did an excellent job. You should do some research of the piercing parlors in your area and make sure you're going to the most hygienic, experienced one.
As for the healing process,
I've read that the third day of having the rook is the worst- yesterday was the third day for me. I definitely stand by that statement, as yesterday I had a pounding headache because of my throbbing ear. The days leading up until yesterday were fine however; minor redness and throbbing occasionally. I have to say, today I was ecstatic to wake up and feel no pounding in my ear. There were some dried crusties, but I cleaned them off with my Q-tip/seasaltwater mixture (I do this twice daily).
All in all, I'm very happy with my rook. An older friend has this piercing too, and she took a look at mine yesterday when it was most painful and concluded that it's natural, and what was going on was a result of its freshness and was bound to go away. And she was right!
I can't wait to swap out the jewelry when I'm home from boarding school in June.
Go for the rook!

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it wasent as bad as some people say it is... go for it!
I have myine done and I love it... it hurt just like any other piercing... but it wasent any worse. ...I anticipated it would hurt more, and was suprise that it didnt.
go for it! :)

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wats rook piercings ?
I've had my ears pierced and then once on the top of one
my teacher noticed my ears but not the top
and yoor teachers will defo netly see them but will they reelly mind ?
its just the whole doin gym I had to wear like this kinda tape
over them because I culdnt take them out
and piercing dont hurt that much just a wee pinch for a second

How bad does a rook piercing hurt?
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I can imagen that it would hurt it is a very small part of the ear but it does look nice

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I got my rook done a few weeks ago, and I'm 14 years old. My helix is professionally done, I've had my 1st lobes done professionally, I did my 2nd lobes my self, and I professionally have had my tragus done. Everyone had different experiences depending on there pain tolerance how nervous they were before they got it, how good the piercer was if you have a good piercer it shouldn't hurt that bad. The faster the piercer the better. But I'm gonna tell you my experience. So when I decided that I was interested in piercing my rook, I looked up a bunch of questions like how bad it hurt or does it feel like a lobe piercing. So after reading a bunch of horror stories I decided to see for myself. I went in to silver safari and they asked me what gauge and I said 16 because they told me after it was healed I would be able to buy from a bigger selection of jewlery. So she laid me down and told me to breath in and then as I breathed out she put it through. She stopped in the middle because That area is quite thick so there was pressure but only a slight pinch felt like a helix piercing. The second half of her pushing was a bit more painful, but not by much it just made me squint a little bit. After it was over it felt a little warm but that was it. Putting the jewlery in hurt a little bit more then getting the needle pushed threw itself. My tragus hurt more then my rook did. Hope this helped.

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