How bad does a rook piercing hurt?

How bad does a rook piercing hurt…I’m getting it done tonight and I want to know what I’m in for…

I have my nipples, nose, belly button and lobes done 3X…

Answer #1

What is a rook/tragus piercing?

Answer #2

it hurts basically the same as a cartilage piercing on your ear. It doesn’t feel good and actually is one of the longest piercings to heal due to the cartilage. I have my tragus pierced and it took about 6 weeks to heal and was fairly sore.

Answer #3

It is fairly painful to get done, not so bad when the needle goes through, but to get the bar in, that bit hurts. I have lobes x3, nose, tragus & rook, it would have been the most painful, but it’s worth it. ^_^ & doesnt have much after pain.

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