Tragus or rook piercing, which hurts less & heals faster?

I want to get one either my tragus or rook pierced.
But I don't know which one hurts more, takes more time to heal, etc.
If you'd had either done or know anything about them please let me know(:

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I have tragus hurt really bad when it was pierced, but healed really good and I could sleep on it the same night I got it pierced...the rook did not hurt at all when I got it pierced, but it hurts after a lot, at least mine did and I still have problems with it and it has been almost a year, but I love them both!!

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never had the tragus.
the rook pierce hurts like hell but its worth it all because it looks awesome!

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ANSWER #3 of 15

no idea. but rook pierce looks way better!
but it hurts like hell!

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I have tragusan im now piercing my rook myself I had my tragus done professionally and it hurt for like a second and was prob over ina second however:L I froze my rook and its taking a long while to get the needle thruu.. but it doesnt hurt as much as the tragus

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I had my Rook done like five years ago it was sore for awhile but wasn't really bad.

I was more afraid to have my tragus done cause I have heard all these horror stories about how you can hear it go through every layer and there is a pop or something I didn't hear any of that.

I thought it was more painful when he had to move and put the earring in than the actual piercing.

I love it so far and I also love my rook. I not sure what I want next :)

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ivee had myy tragus piercedd, hurt aa little for liak a split secondd buhh I lovee itt! havingg my rook donee next week soo hopefully it dont hurt as muchh, I hadd the rim of my ear done and tha hurt quite a lot more than my tragus so lmao

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rook apparently is more painful according to live search. I quite like the rook piercing though it looks rad!

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rook apparently is more painful according to live search

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I have both done, my rook hurt sooo much more, but it was my favourite, however it rejected. I haven't had any trouble with my tragus.

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I pierced my rook myself and it didnt hurt... I may have ahigher pain tolerance though. anaother facter may include my size, since I am larger(taller) my features are bigger (proportionate) but still easy to access.

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I have both, rook hurts a tiny bit more but looks a lot better as its more unique, both heal quite quickly

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Tragus hurts a little... NOT NEARLY AS BAD AS A SNUG, ROOK OR THE INDUSTRIAL. I just had my snug and rook pierced at the same time,.. IT F*(&*& HURT... and it still hurts.. it throbs after 4 days!!! Tragus heals fast and is tolerable!

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I have both rook hurt a lot more and healed better but I love my tragus much more!

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I have both done as well, the rook hurt wayyy worse than my tragus. my tragus did not hurt to get pierced at all just pressure. it didnt hurt much after either but it got a bump on it and I had too take it out. my rook is a little sore sometimes but it doesnt hurt unless touched, so I cant sleep on it and I have to be careful not to let anything touch it..its only a week old though.

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I have add my tragus done .. didnt realy hurt. all it was , was pressure and then it throbs for a couple days after ! but it looks AMAZING :D and im getting my rook done next week ! kinda scared for the pain but kinda excited to get it done ! anything I should know about a rook piercing ??? anyone ?? :)

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