Does Catholicism have any exceptions to the birth control ban?

One thing is holding me back from converting to Catholicism for my fiance: the official Catholic prohibition against using birth control. Are any exceptions ever made to this rule? For serious health reasons, for example.

Answer #1

The Roman Catholic Church does take a dim view of artifical birth control. The official church position for years has been that it is a sin to use artificial birth control even when pregnancy would be life threatening for the mother. I’m not aware of any reversal of this position.

Most Catholic churches these days do not require you to convert to Catholicism to mary though many still will insist that you promise to raise your children Catholic. Do you have any other reasons to convert other than Catholicism being the faith of your fiance?

Answer #2

You are not supposed to, but i know people that do and it is not like they will kill you or something.

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