How can I control the ghosts?

okay on halloween day many random ghosts apper ( I’ve seen some of them walking around my house before(this leads to my question). So this year im throwing a halloween party and the people I am iviting know I can see ghosts. They want me to find out how to control the ghosts to scare little kids. I want to do it to but I dont think I can control a see threw being. What do I do?

Answer #1

Wait, so you actually believe they’re the distressed souls of the dead, and you want to use them as a party trick? Assuming for a second ghosts do exist, isn’t that just a little bit irresponsible?

Answer #2

well you shouldnt try and use the ghost against people because its a gift to be able to see ghosts. you shouldnt take advantage of it is what I say.

Answer #3

im not making up stories and I can be in my room which has no windows at all and see men and woman. and it not only on halloween. Thats the time when I see the biggest amount of them.

Answer #4

I agree with ichibanarky… I personally don’t believe in ghosts… so I too think that you could be making up stories =]

Answer #5

Why do they only appear on Halloween? Ghosts have no sense of time.

Are you sure these aren’t children in costumes that you’re seeing - they do come out on Halloween.

I think you’re making up stories.

Answer #6

I hope your joking. this is pathetic.

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