Is the world controlled by religion?

is the world controlled by religeon? I think it is… what do you think?

Answer #1

That is a very debatable matter everyone has a free will so no the world is not controlled by religion. And everone wants the power to control those around them so NO Good question though

Answer #2

I think everyone in this world is mainly controlled by the need to feel “in control” to some degree. Most choose religion and others supplement that with greed, lust, etc. Let’s face it - the world can be a scary place and it helps if we feel we have some measure of control over what’s happening.

Answer #3

“”hell yes it is look at our money ‘In god we trust’ I mean what the f*ck!””

there is nothing wrong with saying In God We Trust on money…

but aside from that… yeah… the world is controlled by religion… sadly.

Answer #4

The world is controlled by Jesus Christ. When he comes with all power and glory with his reedemed church and his holy angels to rescue his chosen people, Israel, every knee WILL bow in heaven, on earth, and under the earth and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the Father (who is YAHWEH, I am that I am, the Holy God of Israel who is the one, true GOD).

Answer #5

I think the answer you seek might depend on how you interpret the question. If you mean to say ‘Is the world influenced the most (to the point of being controlled) by the precepts of a religion,’ I think not.The world is definitely influenced by different people, and it just so happens people tend to differ on matters regarding metaphysical absolute basis’ of Reality.So while it is not the Idea itself, it is to me the appropriation of an Idea which leads to different actions taking place.

Cheers, And keep on dancing

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Answer #6

There are many out there who are using religion as a cover for political gain, greed, evil purposes - ‘wolves in sheeps clothing’.

Answer #7

its a battle of politics, money, peoples emotions(greed), and religion.

Answer #8

I understand what your saying… BUT… The world is extremely influenced by the church… Therefore… controlled by religion…

Answer #9

Money…money…money…runs the world…

Well… you could say that religion is controlled by money… in many cases…

Answer #10

Yes, I think it is religion and money!

Answer #11

I think so too… or at least the majority of it.

xox Sika

Answer #12

What’s your experience of that?

Answer #13

Money…money…money…runs the world…


Answer #14

hell yes it is look at our money “In god we trust” I mean what the f*ck!

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