Is anyone active in church?

Is anyone active in church? If so, what sorts of activities does your Pastor have you all get involved in?

Answer #1

I coached CYO Basketball. Does that count?

Answer #2

Well, I am involved in music ministry (organ,drums/singing), property team (taking care of the mechanics of the church building), church board (administration), teach men’s bible study Sunday mornings. It’s a lot but as the saying goes, “Idle hands are the devil’s play toys”.

Answer #3

There is not a lot of activity in my church. I ask god if I can go someplace else.

Today they are having a barbeque. Cooking burgers is the most involved some guys there get. We don’t do anything for our community or the world. I go outside the church to be active. I went on a mission last year with Ambassador Ministries. We spent 2 weeks in the mountains of Thailand healing the sick. I saw deaf, blind and lame people healed totally.

Our denomination is know for its good works. How can I get my church more involved?

God bless you.

Answer #4

I act in plays, help with Vacation Bible School, and still have time to attend.

Answer #5

I teach the kids from 1st to 4th grade. Sometimes I also help in the nursury. I am part of the worship team. I also take turns with a couple of other groups and clean the church every couple of weeks.

Also, I created a website for evangelism that the church is starting to get really active in.

Answer #6

I’m involved. . . I actually do computer maintainance and multimedia tech. last week I spent 6 hours repairing a multimonitor video card with a blown plug to work and getting all the monitor and projectors to work in the correct order.

Answer #7

I am very involved in my church. I attend Youth group, sunday morning sermons, sunday school, I am going on a mission trip this summer, and I usually attend concerts or fun activities we do.

Answer #8

Yep, as an elder participating in a trip with another church 90 miles away where 31 of us youth and adults are going to the Navajo soon for Vacation Bible School, teaching them Christ’s second coming. This is the sixth year our church will go. It is only 800 miles away from home = priceless!

Answer #9

Yes, I am very involved in the church and also in my community.At church ,I am an alter server, I assist the Priest and Deacon with the Holy Mass. I am a lector( I read the readings). I am also an Euchristic minister. In my community, I do communion services at the nursing home and at the prison.

   I am also studying to be a Deacon.    God Bless
Answer #10

I teach sunday school and might be going to new orleans on a mission trip for the rest of the flood victims to help rebuild their houses

Answer #11

I am. I am on the drama team, choir,praise team and anything eles I can get into.

Answer #12

iam, I sing with my mom and our youth group, I act in our plays and im always there if possible when our youth group goes out for other services and other activities like when we go out with our sunday school teacher to the movies or something. our pastor is my dad so im always involved!!! we always have a great time in everything we do!!

Answer #13

Yes I am! My pastor basically is handicap so he calls me and brother to clean up a littel. I also get to work with the computers <– those computers controll the whole service. And if I mess up the whole service is screwd up.

Oh and sunday schools and great too!

Answer #14

like you can sing you can dance you can lacture theirs pkenty of things you can do that are fun join a youth group are sumthing and meet friends and have fun becaause church is a fun place

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