Do you like cheetos Funyuns better?

what would you like better hot cheetos of funyuns

Answer #1

I would say the cheeto puffs Iike to suck on them till they completely dissolve I guess you can say I’m weird but that how I edat mine.

Answer #2

I haven’t even seen funyuns in years.

When I was a lad the only cheetos were the puff ones. Back then I liked funyuns better.

Now that we have crunchy cheetos I have to vote for them.

Answer #3

cheetos! hot! crunchy! puffs! all of them!!!

Answer #4

I’d have to go with the funyuns, specially the “flaming hot” ones n_n

Answer #5

Funyuns. Now im hungry

Answer #6

I like both hahaha

Answer #7

Neither. I do like regular cheeto puffs though. Funyuns give you bad breath lol. :)

Answer #8

umm hot one but I don’t like cheetos that much lol ;p

Answer #9

mmm both

Answer #10


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