Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in God?

Answer #1

Person up above FYI They were asking you not wanting you to ask them.

Anywho. Yes i do, but not EVERYTHING about it. Lyuk my aunt belives you have to go to church every sunday or else you will die and go to hell. But i dont belive that.

Answer #2

there is a creator! different cultures refer to this creator in different ways! the creator gave us everything we need to sustain life and be fruitful upon this earth! about 1% of the population on this earth got a bright idea one day to utilize and exploit the idea of this creator to control the rest of us! thus know you have one thousand million religions!

Answer #3


Answer #4

do you?

Answer #5

I do.

Answer #6

It depends on what you mean by God.

If you mean a literal being with supernatural powers than no.

If you mean as a metaphor or symbol than I might say yes.

Answer #7

Yes, I do. He is real and He loves you. I would be happy to talk to you if you want to fun mail me.

Answer #8

Yo some degree, but I don’t neccessarily believe everything in the bible. I guess I’m still trying to figure the whole religion thing out.

Answer #9

no…its simply impossible im atheist

Answer #10

No. Simply because i Can NOT imagine a God so cruel as the one in the old testament.

Answer #11

what’s it your friggen business?

Do you pay my rent?

Answer #12

I have to.. I’m a Satanist :)

Answer #13

definitly not… for some reason?

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