Do you know a real spell for letting the person throw up!!!??

not reallly a bad evil satan spell its just normal ones…

Answer #1

Listen dont do bad for others whatever you do bad it will come back to you three fold

Answer #2

The “Power of the Mind” is actually wonderful ;-) All of you heard the story and maybe experimented on the following:
One, two or more people telling a person that he looks extremely pale in the face, ask him if he feels sick or something! Before long, this person would start feeling ill, because his mind is telling him to feel that way because he “looks” sick to others!

So the only way you would be able to let a so called “spell work” is: Whisper something in the ear of a superstitious person, and tell them that someone casted a spell over them! Sit back and watch the outcome, you would be amazed!

Moral of the story, dream on, there is no such thing as spells and no evidence of any which came true because of a supernatural powers!

Enough over active imaginations yeah!

Answer #3

spells do not exist and they do not work there isnt just a ‘ majic ‘ spell for everything thats not how the world works and thats not how people get what they want in life either also why on earth would you want someone to throw up? you can search your heart out looking for them on the internet but the sooner you come to your senses ad realsie they dont work, the better

Answer #4

I don’t believe in spells…but let’s say they exist.

why would a “good” spell make someone throw up?

Answer #5

…even though I’m against bringing ill will upon others, you could try to search for spell sites on the internet. I don’t know any off hand, but what I would do is attempt giving them the medicine stuff(from family guy) that made everyone throw up. don’t know the name, but I hope I was slightly helpful.

Answer #6

Solita777 - Listen dont do bad for others whatever you do bad it will come back to you three fold

Solita tell me, dont you do bad stuff to other people because: a) You are SCARED it comes back to you in “three fold”


b) Because you have got values in life and moral standards?

Seems like you’ve scored an A+ here!

Answer #7

I do know a witches brew that worked every time for me , : Mix 3 parts bacardi 151 and 1 part sprite in a large glass.

Answer #8

Yeah, its called ‘’Mystical Gagging Finger of Puking’’ …and anyone can cast it…

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