Does anyone know any magic spells or potions?

Does anyone know any magic spells or potions??

Answer #1

I personally don’t know any spells, but others do.

I have a friend on myspace who’s trying to help me. I wouldn’t say it’s spells though more than that. communicated with the angel of death to see what his will is.

I personally do tarot, but that’s it.

Answer #2

^^^ that is funny. . . . 99.9% of your spells are incomplete since at least 3 spells must be performed together to do one properly and as many a 7 in come cases for calling, binding, cleansing, and beginning and ending. I found magick was neither easy or cheap done properly, one complete spell taking 30 min to 3 hours.

Answer #3

Magic is all around us. Most people have blinders on becuase society dictates that it is not real. They see something that should not be and they “try” to explain it off as something else. You have to have an open mind and spirit and it will work. It works for me.

Here are some of my favorite sites with spells.

Brightest Blessings

Answer #4

oh… the power or suggestion

the more someone believes something, the more real it becomes

Answer #5

go to hogwarts.

Answer #6

If it matters to you, the bible condemns anything to do with the occult. Period.

The language that the bible uses concerning this is strong, it says that for anyone coming in the back door, (which is what this is) is a theif and a robber.

There are all kinds of powers out there, that one can tap into, but, be warned, God does not sanction them, nor does he approve of them.

Great damage can be done, by dabbling in any kind of occult powers.

Answer #7

no! Cause spells and witchcraft things aren’t real!!!

Answer #8

witchcraft and magicks isn’t anything to be playing around with. It is REAL, and DANGEROUS. When you do a spell what you are actually doing is givig a command to a demon or demons to do something, of course you cannot see or feal them, but they will mess you up, possibly for the rest of your life, or atleast for a long time.

I suggest you not mess with it.

Answer #9

Pleanty, Their real easy too You just have to know what you’re doing Why are you interested

Answer #10

magic and spells are evil, its a sin to perform such a dark act.

Answer #11

Rain spell… ancient gods and goddesses I evoke thee waters from the sky let it be. I command thee how to thee all listen to my desire rain fall.

Its I evoke thee not I invoke thee invoke and evoke are to seprate things like evoke means asking for an action while invoke means becoming something else for a perod of time so be careful

Answer #12

I find self-written spells work best.

Answer #13

I got a magic potion, You drink a bottle and you become 10 ft tall and bulletproof, I call it vodka

Answer #14

Go eat beans and fart.

Answer #15

Don’t get hung up in all that crap. It can be dangerous.

Answer #16

haha witchcraft is NOT fake. that girl is stupid.

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