What are the diseases SARS, bird flu and L, how do you get them?

What are the diseases SARS, bird flu and L. I have heard about them but do not undersatnd what they are and how you get them etc. can someone tell me in a imple way please.

Answer #1

SARS: A pneumonia-like illness called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Symptoms The main symptoms and signs of SARS include:

* A high fever (over 38°C)
* One or more respiratory symptoms, including cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing

This disease was identified in 2002 and was spread by international air travel

Bird flu Also called avian bird flu

Avian’ refers to birds and ‘flu’ is the common name for influenza. Avian flu is influenza that normally infects birds, including wild birds such as ducks and migratory birds and also domestic birds such as chickens. Avian flu is caused by influenza virus type A. This flu started being transmitted to humans around 2005/2006

Human flu symptoms are:

* fever
* cough
* headache
* severe weakness and fatigue
* sore throat
* aching muscles and joints
* runny nose

Cases of bird flu are more likely to cause more severe symptoms in many people and in some people, breathing problems and pneumonia. In human cases, to date, around half have been fatal.

I do not know of something called L (maybe you meant something else)

You get both of these viruses by coming into contact with humans carrying them. That is the reason why everyone is so worried about them…they tend to spread with people travelling from country to country.

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