Can you get diseases from kissing?

ok my boyfriens wants to kiss so bad and I am afraid too… can you get dieases by just kissing???

Answer #1

The disease known as the “Kissing” disease is called “Mono”

Answer #2

Yeah if the person has like HIV or sars. even if you kiss them on a check. And the number one disease that’s on lips is Herpez thoses bumps you get. so yea

Answer #3

and you can catch herpez on your toung to so dont french kiss ithier lol

Answer #4

O,o that’s a Tough one..

Answer #5

Yes… Herpes (I.e. the cold sore) and some other STDs, Mono, and some viruses can be passed through kissing…

Answer #6

I got a fever blister on my lip before but they go away pretty quick

Answer #7

kising and making out are basicallythe same thing!

Answer #8

Ugh I doubt at your age he has and std so… I’m guessing no.. and lots of people kiss.. it’s a way of showing affection.

Answer #9

I think you could get a cold sore if he had one.

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