Do you get a flu shot each year?

I have been getting flu shots for about the past five years, and I think they have really helped. (may have gotten lucky because there are so many varieties of the virus) The worldwide centers for disease control are highly recommending them again this year. To those who fear needles, trust me it’s very quick and painless. They use a dead virus now so you won’t get sick from it.

Answer #1

No. My immune system is strong enough to fight off flu quite easily.

Answer #2

That is great. My wife is the same way. As for me, having a fever just puts me out of service (turn into a whimp) so I figure what the heck, the shot might just be an ace up my sleeve.

Answer #3

No. I don’t. I’m fine without them.

Answer #4

I haven’t had a flu shot since I was a very young child. I take good care of my body, eat right, take vitamins, and feel my immune system is strong enough to fight it off (or atleast it’s proven so thus far).

Answer #5

You are too evil to get the flu. Ha!

Answer #6

Awesome. It’s free for me through my employer so I say stick me.

Answer #7

I might get one. When I get a cold I feel so miserable that if there is Vicodin or Benzodiazepines I end up using that! I’m a cry baby.

Answer #8

I have asthma and a weakened immune system so I’ve been getting it for the past two years and this year I was sick for a week vs 6 weeks.

Answer #9

I get them every year. Even though the virus is weakened or dead, people can get sick. The symptoms of flu are not from the flu virus itself but from our body’s efforts to fight off the virus. If our body has strong enough a reaction to the inactive virus we can be just as sick as we would be from the real thing though not as long. My boss got so sick from the flu vaccine years ago that he quit taking them. For me the worst I’ve experienced has been a sore arm and a few sniffles the next day. The nurse who gave me the shot a few weeks ago informed me that this year’s vaccine was in fact the same as last year’s. The CDC selected the same strains of flu as the most dangerous this year and last. She did add that getting the second shot still helps strengthen our imnunity to the same viruses.

Answer #10

The last time that I got a flu shot was about 8 years ago and I was stuck in bed for a week afterwords sick…. Never got the shot since and I highly doubt I am going to too.

Answer #11

no. in fact i never had one, and i never get flus

Answer #12

well nope…coz when i catch flu and i get cured (very easly) i get anti bodies against flu for crtain period so no need for flu shot unless its a bird flu or something

Answer #13

Yes, I do. The last time I had the ‘flu, I was so sick for so long that the annual ‘flu injection is essential.

Answer #14

I don’t remember ever getting one, I want my body to be able to fight off the flu instead of becoming immune to the shot.

Answer #15

It’s said it takes two weeks for the shot to take affect (or the body to build up it’s immunity I guess0

Answer #16

No i dont get it either. havnt had the flu since i cant remember lol

Answer #17

I have until this year. right now i have a cold and will not get one this year. if you are sick and get the flu shot you will stay sick for about 3wks. my kids are getting them next week. I am so suprized that our insurance does not cover them. my hubbby gets them at work, i cant as i dont work.

Answer #18

They are often free at your local county health department. You might check with them. They usually have a couple of days set aside for just doing flu shots.

Answer #19

thanks I never thought of this. maybe next year I will go there. its too late for me as I am sick an would be scared i would stay sick for along time.

Answer #20

Good for you. I don’t understand why lots of people are so “afraid” of getting the shot I mean what the heck, if it might help then go for it is what I say.

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