How do you get the bird flu?

How do you get the bird flu? What should be avoided? How is it transfered from one person to the other? What is it exacly?

Answer #1

Hmm…. well to the best of my knowledge the “bird flu” is caught by kissing birds. A bird with the bird flu effectively sneezes near the pursed lips of the bird kissing assailant. The flu is like a natural bird-poison that it uses in self defense, which shows a severe need in the trimming of the bird population to show them who is on top of the food chain in this cycle, baby! Let me just google “bird……..

Ok, so I was wrong on that one. Apparently, my theory while is still plausible upon varying input, is trumped by the idea that it might be in infected chicken meat from imports and the bugs are highly temperature resistant making it impossible to cook it to any safe level where the virus won’t take hold.

Check the CDC for better info

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