What are the differences in religious beliefs between Catholicism and Christianity?

Answer #1

Catholicism is Christianity, it’s just a different branch of Christianity. You have to be a lot more specific to get any differences as in asking us to compare different branches such as methodists and catholics.

Answer #2

Exactly, perhaps she means between Catholic and Protestant, or between evangelical and mainstream. Many religious groups claim to be the “real” Christians and those who believe differently aren’t really Christians. Many Protestant sects look down on Catholicism which they consider to be hopelessly corrupt.

Answer #3

Differences between religious groups are not always about beliefs. There can also be differences in ritual, institutional structure, a sense of group identity that develops over time, and no doubt other factors that don’t occur to me at the moment.

Answer #4

no catholic isn’t Christianity it’s the roman catholic church not the christian church. go to a catholic mass talk to a catholic priest then go to a Christian church and talk to that temples minister. you can see the difference fairly quickly.

Answer #5

Catholicism is a very rigged religion. they have a very straight foreword narrow view of god and his laws.Catholics have the strictest guild-lines they fallow each week in there cult gatherings and rituals and religious chants they preform. i use to describe catholic mass as (stand, sit, stand,sit,stand, kneel, stand, kneel,walk, kneel,sit, stand, leave) doing those actions took often one hour but every once in a while up to 2 hours.

Answer #6

They ARE christian. Just a different denomination. They believe in the father, the son and holy spirit which is what essentially other christians also believe. Rather learn about it a bit more before you make statements which aren’t true.

Answer #7

You do know that modern Protestant Christianity was derived from the Catholic religion right…… Before 1517 (the start of the Protestant Reformation) Catholicism was the only religion in Western Europe.

Answer #8

According to Catholic doctrine (i.e. personal beliefs may differ from person to person, so this are merely “official” beliefs)

  • Worship of the Virgin Mary as well as saints.
  • Belief that the bread and wine at Holy Communions actually LITERALLY turn into the body and blood of Jesus Christ, which is incredibly absurd.
  • Belief in the Assumption of Mary - that Mary, being mother of Jesus himself, was sin-free and hence was sent to heaven directly.

Apologies in advance if I have made any mistakes or missed out anything important.

Answer #9

Ivan: while it is true that Catholicism was the only Christian faith in Western Europe until the Protestant Reformation in the East there were the Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Orthodox churches that branched off much earlier.

Answer #10

Catholics do not officially worship Mary and saints. they pray to them to intercede on their behalf. I always got a kick out of transubstantiation as well; for most Catholics it is a quaint ritual rather than ritual cannibalism; agreed that transubstantiation is still part of the official dogma though. While most Protestant churches object to the dogma of Immaculate conception they agree with its principal that Mary was born free of the stain of original sin to varying degrees. Luther originally claimed that Mary was free of sin but later declared that Mary was conceived in sin just like everyone else.

Answer #11

Yep aware of that. That’s why I mentioned WESTERN Europe, not the entire continent. Thanks for that bit of info anyway.

Answer #12

Sorry about the first point then :) as for the last point, I was trying to emphasise the Assumption rather than the lack of original sin.

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