According to christianity beliefs does god have an image of a man

According to christianity beliefs does God have an image of a man or is he an entity?

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to see god he was shown to us in Jesus picture he became like us for us to be able to see him ihope this make sense

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In the first book of the bible.
It tells that man was made in
god's image.

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We are God's children, and in Genisis it says that we were created in His image. I do beileve this can be taken literally, and it makes sense that if we are His children then we would look like Him.

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no, man has the image of god
(seriously, I'm not being smart. The bible even says that god made man in his image)

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Thats actually a really good question. I am not christian but from friends of mine who are all different versions of christian I've heard both. I have heard some say they believe he is a man and then I've heard some say its like an entity of man and woman child and adult...Like its just kinda everything combined into one powerful being...I dont know it it helped but thats what I've heard.

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look god created everything and made for each one a specified and beautiful shape ,so humans have their own shape and also animals and everything have it's own shape,god correspond to us like we correspond to have eyes so do we ,they eat so do we they sleep so do we...did you understand the idea? give me your respnse

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***In the first book of the bible. It tells that man was made in god's image.***

Should that be taken literally? As in physical appearance? Or could it mean spiritual composition?

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