What is the difference between the Big Bang theory and the theory of evolution?

So this might seem like a stupid question, but I would like to know whether they two is completely separate or the same thing? Also was there ever said that we evolved from apes? As far as I remember from debates of a few years ago, it wasn’t. Can anyone clarify that for me please.

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*Banks give money and evolution gives time…lol…(sorry, I couldn’t resist). The Big Bang theory comes from the beginning of time, when atoms collided and created life….evolution is what transpired after the creation. Forgive my kindergarten explanation, but I think I lost some higher function at some point today, lol

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The big bang theory deals with the origin of the cosmos.

Evolution deals with the origin of species.

It is only our own hubris that makes us believe that we are more evolved than other species. Every species finds it’s evolutionary niche. What the theory of evolution does say is that apes and man have a common ancestor.

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Oopps. will correct it.

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Lol. good one though.

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Well as far as I know they are fairly intertwined. Universe was created by the Big Bang. After a while the planet we call earth formed out of gasses and other matter floating around the universe. Eventually it cooled enough to form something semi-resembling the earth. Then from different microbes life started evolving towards what you see today. The Theory of Evolution more pertains to humans and apes evolving from a common ancestor.
Although I did see a bit of a show that said a hominid skeleton was found that pre-dates anything found before and may show we DIDN’T evolve from a common ancestor. That apes and humans don’t have a common ancestor. IDK tho I only go to see a bit of the show, and it was mostly full of speculation, with about 15 minutes of information stretched out over a hour show.

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are you retarded. The big bang only talks about the creation of the universe. Evolution is just the fact that all life on the planet today descend from the first organism. Which basiclay means animal have children that have helpful mutations and those helpful mutations are passed down to their kids and then that happens for billion of year and thats how we have so many different forms of life. not god or any else of that crap

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No, I am not retarded. I was asking a question. You on the other hand are extremely rude. Oh and I never mentioned god or anything. Next time, please read my question and don’t make assumptions.

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the big bang is an incorrect phrase because there was no bang in the beginning of the universe. a bang requires oxygen to combust and there was no oxygen in the beginning of the universe to cause and explosion. Rather, the big bang was the creation of space and matter. before the big bang there was no space or matter. there was nothing. about 10 billion years after space and matter was created, the earth was formed and then began the evolution of life.

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Hahahaha, this is hilarious!! I’m referring to the name calling by the way.

Careful before you call someone a retard, especially if you don’t know the topic that well. What you have explained as the evolution theory is called the Mutation theory, created by a Dutch scientist called De Vries. Also its generally accepted as being wrong!

The theory that is considered correct is Charles Darwin’s theory which is based on Natural selection. There is a big difference between the two. :)

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Can I make a dirty joke outta this question? :D

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